Our Accomplishments!
To date, there have been a number of initiatives that we as the EAC, have undertaken. Some of them are:

EAC Initiatives 2011-2014

1. Attended workshop for invasive aquatic weeds

2. Attended workshop on Lakeshore Management

3. County of Parkland- Lakes of the County meeting(s)

4. Workshop on Invasive Land Weed

5. Continue partnership with Alberta Conservation re: installation/removal of aerators

6. Continue partnership with Alberta Environment re: Lake levels

7. Annual newsletter

8. Participation in the Canada Day Festivities

  • Brought in presenters: Master Composter
  • Nature Alberta

9. Brought in guest speakers from Nature Alberta, North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance and Alberta Conservation Association to present to EAC and Council

10. Initiated increasing signage for

  • Loon information
  • Dogs on leash
  • Dog droppings

11. Initiated dog dropping bag stations

12. Continual tracking of loon data

13. Building, installation and maintenance of two loon nesting platforms

14. Had sponsored rain catcher sales

15. Had sponsored lake shore clean ups

16. Started a calendar, along with photo contest

17. Photo bulletin board to replace the photo contest

18. Initiated with Village Large Item Round-up

19. Initiated proper garbage bins by mail boxes

20. Initiated proper garbage bins by the lake in the winter

21. Initiated a Welcome to Spring Lake EAC letter

22. Continual tracking of the lake freeze/thaw dates

23. Investigation of Parkland County waste water rate increase

24. Printed Noxious Weed Book for reference (Village office and members)

25. Offered to meet with Parkalnd EAC (declined)

26. Began a meeting summary to be sent to Council after each meeting to keep them updated

27. Continue to collect reference materials for the EAC members, as well as for the residents (available at the Village Office)

28. Developed a Mission Statement to replace outdated Terms of Reference

  • On going stewardship of the lake – this was started at our first meeting with discussion generating ideas as to how this can be carried out by the EAC.
  • Annual shoreline clean-up – this has taken place for the past two years with great success
  • By-annual newsletter – this comes out every Spring and Winter along with the Village’s Newsletter
  • Creation of our first Environmental Survey – this was devised and sent out to all residents the winter of 2006. The information from this survey gave not only the EAC a working base for some of the activities we have undertaken, but has also been feedback to Village Council to undertake some activities along with the EAC.
  • Speed limit signs for lake speed control – an example of an activity that came out of the survey from 2006. This summer there have been six 12 KM speed limit signs installed at various points along the lakeshore to remind all boaters that there is a posted speed limit on the lake that everyone is responsible for obeying.
  • Reduced environmental impact of boaters – this is still in the works in trying to have the lake’s motorized lake status changed to being designated electric motors only. Posting more of the speed limit signs was the first step in achieving this initiative.
  • Tree planting – there has been active tree planting activities over the last three years by several residents and the Village. Some free trees have been passed out from the Spring Lake Store to encourage other residents to help replenish what Mother Nature brings down.
  • On-going recommendations to Council – as concerns arise from discussion at the EAC meetings or from feedback from the residents, the EAC takes these to the monthly Council meetings either through the Council Representative on the EAC, or else the co-chair will present them to Council.
  • Waterfowl survey – as mentioned in the previous article with respect to the loons, there are also other observations being discussed at the EAC meetings such as the shortage of songbirds some years, and the increase in the beaver population.
  • Waste water initiatives – the EAC is working with Council in getting more information on this topic, as well as the monitoring of the waste water in our community
  • Composting – offering tips in various newsletters and currently working on presenting a workshop in early 2009
  • Recycling – helped with getting a recycling program within the Village with the new garbage collection company
  • Advocating for ongoing responsibility of ATV usage near the shorelines and on the meadows. The Village has now passed a by-law prohibiting ATVs within the Village limits
  • Ongoing file data base – which is at the Village office. There are extra copies of some pamphlets available for residents to get by contacting the Village office or a member of the EAC There are copies of pertinent newspaper articles regarding issues that pertain to Spring Lake as well.

Information on this page will be updated on a regular basis,
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