Fifty Boys Enjoying Rotary Summer Camp
At Edmonton Beach

Bright Youngsters from Edmonton Under Chief Supervisor Hustler Having Time of Their Lives - Manley Union Church Holds an Enjoyable Picnic


Thursday, July 2, marked the fouth grand opening of the Rotary Summer Camp at Edmonton Beach. Fifty boys, comprising the first of three groups to be afforded the opportunity of a two-week vacation at the camp, motored out in the afternoon with members of the Rotary club who had so kindly offered their cars in the same generous manner as they are doing all their other good work, towards giving a holiday to those bright little chaps who other-wise would not be able to enjoy one. Everything is running along in apple-pie order, great credit being due to Mr. Hustler, chief supervisor. the boys are happy, and loud in their praises of their leader. He is indeed, a king of instructors. The chef, who catered at the opening of the Rotary Boy's Camp at Edmonton Beach four years ago, is again on the job.
"Yum, Yum", the boys say, he sure can cook.

Church Picnic

Edmonton Beach was the scene of a very happy crowd on Wednesday, when Manley Union church held their first picnic at the lake and were very much taken up with their new picnic grounds. Much credit is due to Rev. Mr. Newton, who was the chief organizer. races and sports of all descriptions took place on the grounds, and many prizes were awarded the lucky ones. The prizes were exceptional in value for picnic prizes.

Dr. and Mrs. W.C. Redman and family of Edmonton, are spending the month of July in Sunny-Brae cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. Eslam have moved to their cottage for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Blair of Edmonton, are spending the season at the lake.
Mrs. Fairburn and family are at their cottage this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Templeman Sr... who have been at their cottage since the early summer, will remain during the season to receive members of the family over the weekends.
Mr. Jullyan of Edmonton has rented "Suthedale" cottage for the month of August.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Cummings and family have rented a cottage at the lake.
Mr. and Mrs. MacDonald were visitors during the week-end.
J.J. McCoig of Edmonton, has engaged Island View for August.
Mrs. Campbell and family are holidaying at the Lake, occupying Sutherdale cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Thompson and family of the city, have rented Island View for the month of July.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hole and family have moved out to their cottage for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Huntbach and family are at their cottage for the season.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Diamond and family will spend a two weeks' vacation at the lake during July.
At the cottage are, the Misses Christine, Polly and Ethel Green of Edmonton.
Mrs. W. Robertson and daughter of Stony Plain, are occupying the Donaldson cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo Tates and family, and Mr. M. Kelly and family of Cranbrook, B.C. were visitors this week.

American Picnic

Although the day was a little cloudy, the American picnic on Saturday, July 4, was a huge success. Democrats, buggies and cars rolled in all morning. The country surrounding was well represented. People were noticed from every locality, some declaring their first visit to Barrie's Lake, and hope to be with the Americans next year again at Edmonton Beach.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Gheisien are occupying "Edenlawn".
Mrs. Pye and family are at the Coban cottage for the season.
Mr. and Mrs. Powell of Stony Plain, have motored to their cottage for July.
Mr. and Mrs. Suiter and Miss. Edithare spending a few weeks at the lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter May are spending a vacation at the beach occupying the "Nook".
Mr. and Mrs. A.M.Lee Roseberry Villa have returned to the city after a short holiday.
Mr. and Mrs. Murphy and family are at their cottage for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Werner with their young daughters, are spending the summer at the lake.

Actors as Fishermen

Tuesday evening, Eddie Hill from New York city, and Johnnie Ecker of Philadelphia, both members of the Pantages Road Show visited the lake to enjoy a few hours of fishing and returned to the city with 14 great big beauties, giving the Pantages staff a fish-a-la-Brale dinner. Eddie Hill with other members of the Pantages theatre have engaged a summer cottage at the lake following their successful fishing expedition of the week.

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