Our History

We are extremely excited to share with you some information about our

Village and the history that made our Village the place it is today.

We have retyped some of the original articles for you to read and

included them in this portion of the website as pictures for you to view.

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Latest News

We have obtained an updated list of what you can place in your Blue bags for Recycle:

PAPER Office paper, newspaper, flyers and mailed paper including envelopes,

magazines and catalogues, corrugated cardboard,

boxboard - for example cereal boxes (no liners) and door to door shipped boxes
CONTAINERS Steel/tin food cans (labels are not required to be removed)
All Beverage Containers
Plastics - Molded, rigid plastic containers and tubs with lids grade 1 & 2 ONLY, all must be rinsed (eg: detergent bottles; yogurt containers; condiment containers; plastic medicine bottles, etc)

Stay in Touch

Council Meetings every 2nd Tuesday

of the month.


Top 6 ways you can help the Loons!!!

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Garbage Pick-Up Schedule

Updated May 10, 2018

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