Alberta Lake Management Society

People & Communities working for sustainable lakes in Alberta.

What Is ALMS?
Established in 1991, the Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) is a charitable organization of individuals with a strong interest in maintaining the quality of Alberta's lakes and watersheds. ALMS is currently operated entirely by volunteers from communities, educational institutions, government and industry across Alberta with a common interest in lake and watershed management.

Purpose & Objectives
The purpose of the Society is to promote the understanding and management of lakes, reservoirs and their watersheds. ALMS:

  • Provides a forum for sharing information on scientific, administrative, legal and financial aspects of lake and watershed management.
  • Fostors the development of lake restoration and protective programs with appropriate management strategies and techniques.
  • Supports the development of local, provincial and national programs that promote lake and watershed management.
  • Encourages the co-operation and interaction of organizations, agencies, regulators, and individuals concrned with lake and watershed improvement and protection.
  • Encourages the protaction of lakes and their watersheds.

Activities & Initiatives
ALMS offers opportunities for individuals and organizations to participate in programs aimed at creating and maintaining environmentally sustainable watersheds.

Other Activities

  • Participation in policy development and review of government regulations involving Alberta's lakes and watersheds.
  • ALMS is a stakeholder in Alberta's provincial water strategy. Water For Life.
  • Watershed Management Planning provides assistance to community groups.

Educational Programs

Annual ALMS Workshop:
Two-day fall workshop offers Albertans the opportunity to discuss lake and watershed management issues in Alberta. Held at various locations throughout the province.

Info Sessions:
One-day info sessions provide individuals and community associations with knowledge on how to manage their lakes and watersheds.

ALMS teached individuals and groups how to collect and assess water quality data and monitor their own lake and watershed environments.

ALMS provides a post-secondary scholarship for students pursuing a career in lake and watershed studies.

From the Shoreline is published regularily by our volunteer members.

Alberta Lakewatch
LakeWatch is a volunteer based monitoring program conducted by local citizens, which benefits lake users and provides water quality data to Alberta Environment. The volunteer program is a great success because it empowers citizens to become active in their own lake community, and gives them the ability to understand and have a positive impact on the management of their lake. LakeWatch is an invaluable vehicle to assist lakeshore residents and lake associations in lake and watershed management decisions through a cooperative venture involving education and open dialogue.

There's no better way for residents to take an active role in monitoring the water quality in their own backyard.

Membership & Contact Info

Please contact us for more information on becoming a member of ALMS or assisting with LakeWatch.

Alberta Lake Management Society
c/o 315 Biological Sciences Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E9

Phone: (780) 492-1294
Fax: (780) 492-9234


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